Are linen sheets softs

I recently finished reading Loved Clothes Last by Orsola De Castro and while it concentrates on slow fashion, how to make your clothes last and how to challenge fast fashion, one comment Orsoal made was how she loves linen duvet covers.

Bright yellow duvet sets light up a room

Orsola mentioned how the sheets keep you cool in the summer and warm and snug in the winter and loved the feel on her skin.  This comment stayed with me and I went and had a look at my bedding.

I have cotton bedding, and I've had my bedding for many many years now and it got me thinking, what is the fascination with linen sheets and is it time to recycle my old cotton ones?

I've had silk ones in the past (we don't need to talk about them, I was in my twenties and wore silk PJs and slipped right out the bed!  I mentioned I was in my twenties right)?

I put my favourite duvet set in my fabrics pile as I have many many plans for this fabric now, and purchased my first linen set.

I soon donated my second set on the Olio App and that worked out great as I'm currently completing declutter February where I clear 1 piece on the 1st, 2 pieces on the second etc. and purchased my second linen duvet set.

How have I missed linen sheets all my life?

I adore my duvet sets so much the material is cool to the touch but doesn't make you feel cold when you slip into the sheets, the fabric falls around you and softly hugs you to give you that snug feeling.  I can see these lasting as long if not longer than my cotton sets and will be used until they fall apart, I love them that much!

Do you have linen sheets?  Please tell me I'm not the only one late to the party!

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