15 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Fathers shouldn't be hard to buy for, but for some reason, I struggle to find that perfect gift for my son to gift his dad.  I ask the dreaded "What would you like for Father's Day" question and I'm usually greeted with, "Oh nothing, I'm fine"!

Father and Son at the Beach

So I've had a think back to which gifts have been very well received and compiled my Top 15 Father's Day Gifts, I hope you find it useful!

Making Memories

1. Create a Photobook of memories of dad to cherish.  Special moments with children, friends, family and loved ones.  We've done this a few times now and it has always gone down well.  Asda-Photos have photo books starting at £6.

2. Experience Days or Days Out.  This one is popular in our house, it doesn't have to be somewhere extravagant or expensive, it would be a day in the woods on a scavenger hunt or just a day altogether.

3. Homemade Gifts.  Either as a present or as a family activity, a homemade gift will be made with thought and love.

4. Escape Games.  This is fun for all the family and best of all, if you can't get to a physical location, you can now download your own escape rooms to play at home.

Fandom Gifts

If Movies and TV shows are father's thing, then why not look into specialised sites for Fandom T-shirts, gifts or gadgets.

5. The hit Netflix show Stranger Things currently have mystery capsules from Kaptoys and are a huge success.  Just be sure to have space as these may become addictive with 11 characters to collect.  Currently retailing at £12.99 at HMV

6. For Fandom Clothing and Accessories, my go-to place is EMP which covers a large range of Bands, Movies and TV shows and exclusives for EMP only.

7. Movie Games are a must for all movie fans.  We have Blockbuster and Chill and the stress of thinking up movies in 60 seconds had us in stitches.  

Clothing and Accessories

8. Socks and Pants - yes you read that right.  Socks and Pants, no matter what they may say, they secretly love it!

9.  Jewellery, there are some nice pieces to be found online and down the high street, I've recently come across a site called Inscripture which has some rather stylish leather ID bracelets

Food and Drink

Sometimes the simplest of gifts are overlooked.

10. Chocolates

11. Beer (substitute for dad's favourite tipple).


Gifts surrounding their hobbies will always put a smile on their face.

12. Sports Fans - Check out the local sports shops such as JD Sports,  around this time of year there will be specific Father's Day gifts dotted around the shop, more than likely relating to that sport or a Voucher for the shop itself is always a good idea.

13. Gardening Fans - This one can be a day out at the garden centre, having a look around and maybe a sandwich as most have a cafe, followed by a voucher from the centre for dad to purchase something himself, a day out with very little effort involved but lovely memories to be had.

14. DIY.  Some dads love a new toy, I mean tool, and Ryobi, which can be bought from B&Q, have a fantastic range of tools, with their one battery approach, you can keep a battery on charge while using the equipment and as that battery runs dead, there is no waiting around to carry on, as there is a backup battery which will fit any One+ tool you are using.

15. Cars.  It may be tempting to buy a car washing kit, but some dads may be into cars, but not necessarily want to be out cleaning them every weekend.  Something different for a car enthusiast would be to look at the local websites to see if there are any motor events coming up and give the tickets as a gift.  

One event you can use as their "Father's Day" gift even though you may get it in July, is to be in the Top Gear Audience.  This is done via the Applause Store and is a very sort after event, so don't rely on this as a given, but what a gift if you got tickets!

Ryobi tools being used to drill wood

Most of my tips above are based on my own experience buying or making gifts.  I hope you've found them useful and some are a more sustainable way of celebrating Father's Day.

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  1. Ahh the home made cards would get the thumbs up in our hosue. And I'm afraid I'd be pinching the bubble bath for me!

    1. hehe I'm rather a fan of Radox too :)

  2. Some great ideas. My boys always opt for chocolates


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