An exciting STEM activity book that makes learning fun for children

One of the best children's activity books released in 2022 was Tia Williams and Laura Minter's "The Big Book of 100 Stem Activities".

The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities
November 2022 • PB • RRP £14.99 / For kids aged 5 – 11 • ISBN 9781787081253

Tia and Laura's craft abilities have been proven time and again in their Button Books publications, and The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities is no exception.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities are very popular in our house and as soon as this book hit the mat my son went through it marking all the projects he would like to try, and as you can tell from all the post-its, we have a lot to get through!

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@rachaeljess Rockets as part of the Scouts #TGIWeekender. White vinegar tbl bicarb. soda through the top wrapped in kitchen towel - cork #scienceforkids @gdarran ♬ Out of Space - Remastered - The Prodigy

About The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities

The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities is a bumper book of boredom-busting ideas for fun and educational things to do for curious kids and their grown-ups.  Using crafts, play and simple experiments, these activities are presented in an easy-to-follow format. 

Kids will go crazy for Rainbow Bath Bombs as these mini fizzing bombs are a great way to see a chemical reaction happen in your bath.  A simple Paint Pendulum is a fun activity to create art and demonstrate the conversion of stored energy to kinetic energy!  The Paper Cup Challenge is a brilliant challenge for two kids that will guarantee to get them working as a team! (plus they’ll learn about the distribution of forces). And then there are really exciting experiments like using Potatoes to power a lightbulb!

The book covers each of the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with fun and exciting projects. You’ll learn some cool tricks, find out about impressive scientific principles, and make some beautiful pieces of art in the process. Each activity provides a simple explanation of how it works and what the takeaway key STEM points are. 

To make them easy to follow, each project has step-by-step instructions with photos to guide you along the way AND a handy science know-how box to help you understand what is happening in each activity. With 100 activities you’ll have enough STEM practical lessons to fill any home-schooling term timetable or just educate and entertain your junior- scientists at home!

Pros - A lot of exciting activities to try

Cons - Not everything will already be in the house, some times will need to be purchased.

4 Stars Review

Lots of fun, we give this book 4 out of 5.

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