Live like a Roman - a great book aide for Primary School Children

Live Like a Roman is a hardback, easy-to-read and follow, illustrated book to help children to discover the secrets of ancient Rome in a fun way.

May 2023 / HB / RRP £12.99 / ISBN 9781787081260 / Ages 7 - 11
The 50-odd pages are jam-packed with information about the Romans but is written and spaced out in such a way the information is not too overloading young minds.  Short bursts of paragraphs dotted around illustrations will make this book learning in a fun way.

Not only is it packed with knowledge, but there are also instructions on how to make and play Knucklebones, how to make Honey cake and Roman salad and how to make theatre masks and panpipes.  

What's not to love about this book, it thinks of all aspects of learning in one simple, hardback place.

About Live Like A Roman

Live Like a Roman is a fascinating and informative journey back in time to find out what it was really like to live in Ancient Rome and the sprawling Roman Empire. 

Amazing Roman inventions we still use today are explored along with information on everyday jobs, city life, houses, food, transport, entertainment, religion and medicine. An in-depth map shows the spread of the Roman Empire at its peak, including sites of specific interest, the main provinces and settlements, with their Latin names, and some of the goods that were sent to Rome from all over the Empire. Dotted through the book are craft activities and recipes to have a go at. Find out first-hand what it’s like to play a Roman game for children, use an abacus to help with your schoolwork or taste the unusual flavours of Roman snacks. 

A fictional enslaved child pops up throughout the book describing the sights, sounds, smells and emotions he experiences as he goes about his daily life. This book brings the ancient past to life and is perfect to read at home or can function as a classroom resource for teachers and homeschooling families.

About the Author

Claire Saunders has been writing and editing for more than 20 years. Specialising in children’s non-fiction, she has authored or co-authored many titles including The Power Book, The Birthday Almanac, A World of Gratitude and various activity books, including The Great British Staycation Activity Book, Super Soccer Activity Book and the Only in America Activity Book. A graduate of Cambridge University, she has previously worked for Ivy Press and Rough Guides and still loves travelling the world and learning about the history of other cultures. She lives with her family in Lewes, southern England.

About the Illustrator

Ruth Hickson is an illustrator and pattern designer based in Stroud, UK. She loves using a mixture of traditional lino-cutting and digital techniques and hand-carves individual elements for her illustrations bringing a playful texture and energy to each piece. She has worked in the print design industry since graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with an MA in printed textiles, first in New York and then in London for a variety of different studios.

Pros:  Facts are split up with fun activities to do
Cons: Some activities will require additional purchases such as air clay. gives this book 5 out of 5.
Easy fun ways to learn is always a winner in my books.

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  1. This looks a great resourceful interesting book. Bet your son enjoyed it


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