Making A Difference : Book Review

Making A Difference by Pamela Walker is more of a handbook filled with everything you need to know to create a Community-Based Project. 

Author: Pamela Walker / Publisher: Ortus Press / Publication date:  June 2023 / 
ISBN: 978191138383 / Price:  £11.99

This book will be an amazing asset to anyone/group who is looking into creating a community-based project/charity.  It helps you decide on who you are helping, why and more importantly where is your project needed.

Book Review

For me, this is very similar to project management.  There are many similarities to the tools needed by a project manager and I guess that would make sense - as this is exactly what you are doing - you are tapping into Paumela's handbook as a project manager.

This book will answer many of your "How do I?" questions and guide you to creating a project with the paperwork, research and know-how of any professional.

The book will walk through charitable status and acronyms, who to speak to, why you need to speak with them, and how to get a community on board.

I am very keen to get stuck in with this book over the summer with a couple of project ideas I have for my town.  

This book really is a must-have for anyone wanting to make a difference and I would highly recommend it.

Pros: Instant answers to all your questions
Cons: None
I give this book 5 out of 5

Book Synopsis

Making a Difference is a book which aims to help bring about positive change within communities in England and Wales.  It is distinctive in being a practical ‘How To’ guide rather than a ‘Why Should’ argument.  

It provides a practical step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to set up a project or introduce a service that would benefit a significant number of vulnerable or excluded people, at any age, within their local communities, and which is sustainable for a long period of time. 

The author draws on many years of experience within the charity sector to guide the reader through the process, explaining each stage clearly and precisely. 

The reader will be able to identify and develop key information about their project - why it’s necessary, what it will involve and how to approach it, what challenges might be encountered and how to avoid and overcome them.   

An example of a project, which runs through the whole book, enables the reader to see how each stage might apply to a real-life scenario.  Packed with reassurance and useful insights into the workings of the Third Sector, this is an indispensable guide to making the world a better place.

About the Author

Pamela Walker is the Development Manager for the national food charity, FoodCycle, which provides free communal meals for anyone experiencing food poverty or social isolation. 

She began as a frontline worker, and now has over thirty years experience of developing community-based projects and managing volunteers, benefiting vulnerable and isolated older people, pregnant teens, the nursery-age children of Travelers and Gypsy families, medically qualified refugees, Looked After children, and many others.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2023

    Hi Rachael, I really just wanted to thank you for your lovely review of my book, and to wish you well with your two projects. That's exactly why I wrote it - to support readers to make a positive change within their own communities. Thank you! With all best wishes to you and yours, Pamela.

  2. This looks like a "must-read" for me in my role on the committee of our local "Plastic-Free" group


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