Connetix Tiles great for STEM learning

Connetix Tiles are a fairly new company and have come on the market with a bang!  Officially started in 2019, Connetix Tiles have several awards under their belt already including Product of the Year award, STEM Product winner and Creative Play of the Year to name a few!
Magnetic Connetix Tiles box

We have been reviewing Connetix Rainbow starter kit which contains 62 magnetic pieces of 6 different colours.  

The first thing I noticed before even getting the product out of the box, is this is a weighty item.  It's not something you can pop in your handbag but that doesn't affect play and smaller boxes are available.

The box comes with an inspirational ideas booklet to show what you can make if you (more so than your children) are struggling with ideas of what to make.

Children never cease to amaze me, and mine just started putting pieces together without really any thought and before I knew it, he'd built a rocket!  

The pieces are bright, colourful and chunky to the touch.  By that I mean they are durable, solid and easy to hold for a small hand and help with motor skills.

The pieces are 100% toxic-free, and like Woody and Jess will see children outgrow these pretty tiles far sooner than the tiles getting worn out or destroyed.  A big win for sustainability in a product.

Overall, this is a great innovative product that will bring joy to those who use it, from the bright colours, and the clacking of the magnets to the finished masterpieces.

Connetix Tiles - heart shape

The full range can currently be purchased from the Connetix website or from Amazon with a wide range of prices for all budgets.

@rachaeljess @Connetix Tiles are bright colours magnetic shapes that being hours of joy to children of all ages #STEM #ad #learnthroughplay ♬ Happy Dreamer - Michael Pearse & Thomas Lanyon Peters

Pros: Great learning opportunities through play

Cons: Heavy product to travel with

Rachael Jess gives Connetix Tiles 5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. Looks a modern version of a wooden set of shapes I used to play with as a child when I visited my grandparents, that I believe may have dated back to at least the 1940s. Hours of fun


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