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August Toucan Box

If you caught this blog post then you may have picked up on the fact that I have got all excited about the various subscription boxes out there - and especially the geek ones!

Max is due to get his second Nerd Block Jnr box this month but I'm not going to keep this subscription so I thought I'd try a couple of craft subscription boxes for him instead.  So I ordered the Toucan Box.

Once you create your account you get to choose which themes and topics your little one is most into. LOVE that idea!  You then have 3 types of boxes for each budget.

August Toucan August Box
Super Box
- Petite is 1 theme and costs £4.93 every fortnight.

- Grande has 2 themes and a book every month and costs £12.90

- Super has 4 themes and a book every month and costs £19.90

You get to peek inside the boxes from the website if you want to see what you're getting and to be honest - I was rather impressed with our box.
Toucan Craft Box
Sea Theme

It was huge!

But my favourite of all was it comes equipped with what you need - I know that sounds a bit daft but it comes with little pots of paint, glue and paint brushes so once your box has arrived you really can get stuck right in.

I must admit I do like the idea of a petite box every fortnight - especially with autumn on its way (and nothing to do with the fact I'm impatient.....).

I waited for Max and we opened the box together and went through a bit of everything, mainly because of painting.  Several pieces of each project needed painting so we have spread this box out over the month and one day we painted everything, the next day we glued bits.  We've kept this to weekend play and so far we have completed a couple of the projects and still have a couple of projects to finish off.

August Toucan Craft Box
Waiting for the paint to dry - Toucan August Craft Box

We store all our craft materials in our Toucan Box until they are completed and then place the final craft pieces on display.

I love that we have projects to do and each one comes with an instruction card which also shows how much adult help may be needed and most importantly - how messy!

Toucan Box Guides
I love that it gives me an idea of how much help I'll need from Max.....

Has anyone else had craft boxes?

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  1. I've seen a few reviews for these Toucan boxes - They do look good. After reviewing the weekend box, we subscribed for a while but we found that with our busy weekends, D wasn't getting through the projects so we cancelled it for now. It is great when you get everything you need in the box - makes things much easier and means you can just get on with it like you say. x


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