Learn Upcycling Online with NCC

Upcycling course online with NCC

Back in July, I wrote a post on how I had decided to use NCC's online facility to learn the basics of Upcycling.

Well, 4 months on and I'm proud to say I've now finished and passed my course complete with certificate.

Who are NCC

NCC is a home learning online and paper course program which is designed for you to work around your own schedule.  For me, this meant I could set aside some time on a Sunday evening and read a module and then spend the next week sourcing materials, extra reading and putting into practice what I had just read.

My learnings from upcycling course from NCC online

As there are varied and vast courses to choose from, the website had split the courses up into sections to try and help you find the right course for you from the Industry sector, Career-related to Course type and Interest Related.

The course I took was upcycling which you can currently purchase for £255.  The prices vary with some being as low as £34 for First Aid Awareness training.

My thoughts on NCC upcycling course

My course consisted of 7 modules with no prior knowledge needed, with a test at the end to assess what I had learnt, complete with a certificate.

As I have been upcycling and reupholstering for a few years now, I did find some of the courses very basic for my needs, but a novice would very much benefit.

For me, I found the further reading/reference section a great help and have several of the books on my wishlist with Amazon, but for anyone taking this course I would strongly advise reading the reviews either on good reads or Amazon before purchasing any of the books.  Some of the reading material is great and I'm still learning a lot from these books even now after my course has finished, but a couple of the books were very poor quality, in fact, I've been over to Amazon to find the links but they've since been taken off there!

I love how even though my course has finished, I'm still learning so much, such as the waxes to use when repainting furniture, and how to use freezer paper and water slide decal paper.  It's made thrift shopping so much more fun (as if that was possible!), and I can't wait for the car boots to start up again in the spring - so many more ideas!

Never stop learning

I'm a firm believer that you should never stop learning, whether it's for work, hobby, your children, it keeps the mind young and for that, I'm thankful I had the opportunity with NCC to learn more about a hobby that I absolutely love.

Have a look around the website, is there something there that you'd rather fancy doing?

Anyone who stops learning is old

I quite fancy being a forensic scientist but I have to be realistic, I physically do not have the time to study for that.

I received access to the Upcycling course from NCC in exchange for an honest review.
The above wording is my own and is not influenced by the course received.



  1. Well done. I used to do Adult Education classes in various topics before the boys were born and found them usually great fun. Never tried home learning though

    1. Thanks Claire, I've ended up with lots of books to read through now :D