Reverse Advent with Co-op

This year I am taking part in Reverse Advent with Co-op.  This is a great way of giving back, especially at Christmas; a time when it's all about giving.

Co-op sent #ReverseAdvent boxes out to those who wanted to be involved and I received this fantastic box yesterday ready for the 1st December:

Reverse Advent with Co-op

I've been chatting with one of the wonderful volunteers in my hometown and whilst the homeless do need help and looking out for, especially at Christmas and in the colder months, it was pointed out that there is also a lot of families and couples in dire straits over Christmas, those who would benefit from a food parcel, household supplies and most importantly (in my opinion) feminine hygiene products (those are not cheap people!).

For my box, I've decided to split my advent supplies into 4 categories for someone who has recently been homed from being homeless:  Feminine Hygiene & Health Care, Food, Household Items and Treats.

Co-op also issued a guide to help with ideas as to what you may want to put in the box, which I've summarised below.

With that in mind, I'll be visiting my local Co-op, charity shops and special offers when I'm shopping to pick out an item a day to fill up my box and hand over to Reloved at Christmas to donate to a family in need.

Follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds over the next 24 days to see what's going in the box #ReverseAdvent.

Merry Christmas all.

Reverse Advent with Co-Op and

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