Make it personal this Mother's Day

Those who celebrate Mother's Day know that it traditionally has been about spending time with your mother, grandma or mother figure for days out, afternoon teas or sending flowers and chocolates.

Some of us no longer have that privilege, so I urge those that do, to take the time for/with your mum.
Make it, Eat it and Create a memory Gift Guide for Mother's Day

A lot of mums will say "oh, I don't want anything, I don't need anything I have you", "don't waste your money, just some flowers/card" or "I just want your time".

How about making this year personal.  Make this year the year you give something made, something to keep or something to eat with a twist?

To be honest, that sounds like a pretty good Mother's Day present to me.  I don't need presents, we've just had birthdays and Christmas, but I'll never say no to a memory!

Something to Make for Mother's Day

Learn how to make these thoughtful paper hearts mixed with the seeds of your mum's favourite flowers thanks to Laura Minter and Tia Williams and their Eco Craft Book.   I love this idea.  
Eco Craft book on how to make paper with seeds imbedded.

By using old paper, a blender and a sieve, you can make your own paper which can then be filled with seeds.  The idea is the paper is broken up and planted in the garden and as it is paper, you can always write a little message on there too.

My son and I are also going to make some of these paper seeds as a thank-you gift for the teachers this year.  The new Eco Craft Book is out now RRP 12.99 and is packed full of lovely projects to make and gift.

Something to Keep for Mother's Day

It is said that mothers are often behind the camera taking the pictures and sharing the memories more so than in the photos themselves.  If you have a favourite picture of the family or yourself with your mum or even better re-creating one of those baby shots you see doing the rounds, then have a look at Asda-photo online, they have everything from Cushions to Canvas prints to Mugs and Desk Decor.

Metal Print Desk Decor

There are some new and unique desk items on the Asda site and with many of us working from home, these are a great addition to any desk/table/windowsill.  I have a very slick-looking metal print, which takes up no space at all.  I also rather love their new worded wood blocks with personalised prints in them. 

Many of the prints on the Asda-photos site are under £20 with the metal print shown above currently retailing at £17.

Something to Eat with a Twist for Mother's Day

Well yes, who doesn't like a little treat once in a while and what better way to say thank you mum than sending a gift where she can bite your face off, especially if she's been homeschooling you for the last 8 weeks...

Delicious ChocFace chocolates for Mothers Day

Obviously, I'm kidding, but this rather fabulous little find is a chocolate box from Chocface!  You can upload any image you like and these will be added to the 6 squares available   You can select which image goes where.  In my case, my child eating a giant waffle deserves the biggest square clearly.

Whilst the images are a bit of a novelty and a lovely gift for Mother's Day, the bonus with this gift is the chocolate is so tasty!  A white chocolate layer and a Belgian chocolate layer go together very nicely.

I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but Chocface really knows how to make chocolate and if you can't get to visit your mother, mother figure, sister, grandma or whoever you are celebrating with this year, this gift is letterbox-size, so can be popped through the post.

Just be careful of dogs and small children who can sniff out chocolate.

Currently retailing at £14.95, this is another fantastic gift for under £20 for Mother's Day.

Yummy chocolate slices

Do you have any tips and unique gift finds for Mother's Day?  I'd love to read them in the comments.



  1. Aww! What lovely ideas! I would be happy to receive any of these gifts. The Chocface gift box is something a bit different. x

    1. Chocface are quite new, and I hope they grow as their chocolate if so delish.


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