Top 7 Travel Games on the go

Over the years we have reviewed some great, and some not-so-great, games that are perfect to take on holidays, trips and in the car.

Here are our top 7 travel games to take with you to keep everyone entertained.

Travel Games on the go


As displayed on my YouTube, the best way for me to describe this game is Scrabble for numbers.  There are many different games you can play with these tiles and with different levels of complexity. The perfect game for all ages and especially for children who may struggle to learn in a conventional way and may find these tile games easier to follow.

Best of all, the titles pack away in a neat little bag making them easy to travel with.

Take & Play Magnetic Chess

This game is made of tin and due to the soft foam pieces having magnetic backs, this makes a perfect game to travel with as it keeps the pieces in place.

Tetris Speed

This small, compact game is designed for 2-4 or 5-8 players. For extra players, there are extra cards, 

The idea of the game is to get rid of your cards, you don't wait your turn, you just chuck them down as you see what the next card is, the winner is the one that gets rid of all their cards.  

Cards are always an easy win for travel games.


7ate9 is another fast-action card game. Only this time, it's about the numbers! Everyone is dealt the pack and the aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Aimed at children aged between 7 - 9 this is a great way to build number skills without really realising it.

Nipper Cards

I love these.  They live in my bag and are very battered now from constant use.

The pack comes with 4 suggested games to play: Memory Game, Animal Snap, Number Snap and Animal Families. 

Animal Families is what prompted the most discussion around the cards and affirmations. My son was immediately drawn to the animals, but soon became more aware of the messages and we began reading them out as we placed the cards in the discard pile.  Purchase directly from their website.

Tricky Riddles Book

This is a good one for on-the-go, as the driver can also join in.  There are 100s of riddles to be solved in this book to help make the journey go quicker.


This is one that can be played by all, ideally in pairs, and if playing with friends will soon highlight how in sync you are with each other.  The idea is simple.  You have a card with a category across the top and then turn over the time and have a time limit on describing the 10 items on the list.

The aim is to get all ten words correct before the timer runs out.


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  1. We love games, so thanks for all the suggestions. I shall have to look out for some of these, as the only one we have is chess, but not a travel version. The games we usually pack when we go on holiday are some of Uno, Uno Flip, Bingo, Dobble and Top Trumps


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