Marvel Themed Furniture

I tried something new for this piece!  I sewed the base material together!!  I know!  I used my basic little sewing machine to make something other than beanbags!  I made the material into one large piece and hooked it over the base, it was a nice snug fit (surprised myself!) ... Read More

This is my accidental shelf!  What I mean by that is I had no intentions of buy the Barbie shelf when I saw it at the car boot sale.  I did stand in front of it contemplating whether to purchase it or not but decided I had WAY too many part projects at home so went to walk away only to have the stall owner say - it's only £1.............I stopped in my tracks turned around and bought it.......Read More

I do love it when the family gets involved with my up-cycled / revamped furniture pieces.  So whilst I was out in the garden one summer morning digging out the weeds I was thrilled to see my two boys coming back from the car boot ..........Read More

So, I have this boring old storage box............... Read more

Possibly my favourite piece to date!!  For those who follow my Instagram will have already seen the progress of this project taking shape over the last few months and now it's complete I can share it on my blog -.... Read More

I'm not entirely sure if Max is into Avengers - but he loves Hulk, knows of Capital America, Thor and Iron Man so hey - that's good enough for me........Read More 

At the weekend I found some wallpaper in B&Q which I thought was fab but also very expensive! £13 for 1 roll o Marvel wallpaper. Now for me .......Read More 

When I was in Hobbycraft to get supplies (Mod Podge) for my first decoupage attempt I noticed they sold letters  .....Read More

I was asked to do LUKE in Star Wars print and S in Hulk Print and I put myself under the most unbelievable pressure to get these perfect - because they were paying for them!! .... Read More

So, continuing on our afternoon with Dry Nites and Tamara saw us creating pin boards.  The idea behind this second project of the day is to create a unique space to hang mementoes of your child's fun memories, achievements and learning stages  .... Read More

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