Which Encyclopedia books are best for children

Factology books for children.  Hardback, fun, easy to read and brightly coloured books for children to want to pick and learn from.

This brand new Factology book series starts with four of the best subjects.

September 2023 / HB / RRP £12.99 / For kids aged 8 - 12

Hosting a TMNT Themed Party

The year my son was into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we held a TMNT-themed party.  

I was rather pleased with this as it gave me a chance to relive my youth as I loved the turtles too - which is probably why I had such fun with creating party bags and games for his 4th birthday party.

I have written a post for each of the games, bags and bean bags that I made for the big day so this post is really just a summary page with a link to each of the posts should you want to read more on any one of the items.
How I created a TMNT party theme for my son's 4th birthday

8 Halloween Crafts to Make with your family

One of my favourite parts about Halloween is making new decorations.  Each year our decoration box gets a little fuller and we are currently on two boxes that come down from the loft!

I thought I'd share with you my favourite handmade items which now live in that box until October:

Pumpkin Cushions

These spooky scatter cushions work perfectly with the ambience, especially as they glow in the dark.

How to create Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Decorations for Christmas

How I added TMNT Christmas decorations to our home

The year TMNTs were my son's favourite characters, I made various TMNT craft projects with Mikey, Raph, Donnie and Leo.  

Geomag Mechanics - a great way to explore with STEM

I am a firm believer in learning through play, and if a child is having fun while learning without even realising it, it is a huge step forward in study.  Not everything needs to be at a desk, with strict rules or in a classroom environment.

Geomag Mechanics is a great brand for exactly that!

Mechanics Challenge Goal

The Mechanics range is - challenging!  The fun and learning begin as soon as the box is open.

TMNT Themed Party Ideas - Turtle Face Target

Image of Turtle head for a throwing game
TMNT Themed Throwing Game
I mention in a previous post about making TMNT-themed bean bags for my son's birthday party.  To go along with these bags we decided to make some games that involved a bit of hand/eye coordination (also known as 4-year-olds randomly throwing things at targets).