Science Mad! Chemisty Lab Review and Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, we have turned our kitchen into a chem lab and it has been amazing fun with lots of learning thrown in thanks to Science Mad! Chemistry Lab Set.
ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab unpacked

How to create a Spiderman themed clock

There are some great craft shops both brick and mortar and online and when you find one that has wooden craft projects, snap them up.

These make great projects for cold winter days, warm sunny picnic days and everything in between.

creating a spider-man clock

How to encourage children to cook

I can not recommend Esther Coombs cookery books for children enough!  My son, who is aged 10, uses these books regularly and was very excited to review the latest in the series Kids Can Cook Vegetarian.
Kids Can Cook Vegetarian Cook book by Esther Coombs
ISBN 9781787081185 - RRP £14.99 - September 2022
His signature rainbow cake, which he bakes for school fundraising events, was born from his Kids Can Bake book.