An exciting STEM activity book that makes learning fun for children

One of the best children's activity books released in 2022 was Tia Williams and Laura Minter's "The Big Book of 100 Stem Activities".

The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities
November 2022 • PB • RRP £14.99 / For kids aged 5 – 11 • ISBN 9781787081253

Tia and Laura's craft abilities have been proven time and again in their Button Books publications, and The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities is no exception.

Tote bags, a great way to learn how to use a sewing machine

Now I'm getting a bit more confident with my sewing, I've been flicking through my fat quarter books to find some 'quick projects' to make at the weekends.

Lands' End Clothing products and working on Sustainability

When I was recently contacted by Lands' End clothing, the first thing I did was review their sustainability policy on their website.  If there is nothing obvious on a website, we have to wonder why!

What is lovely about Lands' End is not only do they have a Sustainability Mission but also several blog posts on the site regarding sustainability, from how they are making steps forward, what to look out for regarding sustainable clothing and why you should care about sustainable shopping.

Lands' End Box

How I made Heart Shaped Bird feeders for Valentines

What better way to show some love for nature on Valentine's day than with heart-shaped bird feeders.
How I made heart shaped bird feeders for Valentine's Day

Bright and Bold Naylor Activity Tunnels

I must admit, activity tunnels had not really been on my radar when purchasing toy equipment.  What a wasted opportunity that was!

Bright Pink Naylor Kids Play Tunnel