15 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Fathers shouldn't be hard to buy for, but for some reason, I struggle to find that perfect gift for my son to gift his dad.  I ask the dreaded "What would you like for Father's Day" question and I'm usually greeted with, "Oh nothing, I'm fine"!

Father and Son at the Beach

So I've had a think back to which gifts have been very well received and compiled my Top 15 Father's Day Gifts, I hope you find it useful!

The Instagram Bag from Paper Bag Co

Food and photography pretty much go hand in hand in the Instagram world and the lovely Paper Bag Co has created the most amazing bag containing a few vital accessories to help your photos of food pop!

The Foodie Bag a brilliant large bag perfect for photos

I am in love with the bag, not only can you use it as a backdrop for photos, but it is the perfect size for festivals, overnight stays and a shopping spree.

The unknown side effects of Covid19

There are not many people I know now who haven't contracted Covid19, but thanks to our vaccination program many have had it mild.  What I have noticed, we all had different side effects, and the doctors have said as much, that the Covid19 side effects are an unknown area.

I was reading an article by Oticon about dementia. It claims that studies have shown that unaddressed hearing loss is believed to be the leading preventable cause of dementia. **