Paladone Triplits Board Game Review

Are you a quick thinker or do you panic when faced with a timer?  

I'm the latter and behave like I have no words inside my brain, a brain that is just demanding my eyes to watch the sands of time disappear, while my 12-year-old son is on a roll guessing every word in the dictionary, at least that is what it feels like! 

What am I talking about?  Triplits!  Thank you Paladone and your word-challenging game.

Triplits Board Game from Paladone

How to make use of Pallet Parts

When I made my potting unit out of pallets last month, we cut the pallets to fit the area.  As my unit was 7 pallets high, we had a large pile of cut-offs.  

UK Based Christmas Gift Guide

When I visited the Top Drawer exhibition this year, there were some really lovely products on display, and I want and probably will buy most of the following list for my friends and family this year.

I have also included various games and products that I have either received or bought and feel that these too would make superb, unique gifts with the added bonus of all the following products being UK-based.

Creating Witch Legs for Halloween

As I wasn't going to use my witch's broom for Halloween this year, I decided I would have it sticking out the trees and make it look like a witch had crashed landed, so all I needed to do - was to add some legs!

Never drink and fly on a broomstick

Which Encyclopedia books are best for children

Factology books for children.  Hardback, fun, easy to read and brightly coloured books for children to want to pick and learn from.

This brand new Factology book series starts with four of the best subjects.

September 2023 / HB / RRP £12.99 / For kids aged 8 - 12

Hosting a TMNT Themed Party

The year my son was into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we held a TMNT-themed party.  

I was rather pleased with this as it gave me a chance to relive my youth as I loved the turtles too - which is probably why I had such fun with creating party bags and games for his 4th birthday party.

I have written a post for each of the games, bags and bean bags that I made for the big day so this post is really just a summary page with a link to each of the posts should you want to read more on any one of the items.
How I created a TMNT party theme for my son's 4th birthday