Five Valentine's Day / Wedding crafts with jam jars

With spring just around the corner and Valentine's day coming up, I thought now would be the perfect time to show off some beautiful crafts using jam jars 

Valentine Crafts for kids

Being Lean: A book for Personal Life as well as Business

Being Lean is a new book out by Michelle Leong.  It is a fascinating book with great pointers on how to eliminate waste (time etc) from your life, but I did find it quite a hard read. 
Being Lean by Michelle Leong

The book's aim is to help you achieve a better quality of life at home, in health, when travelling and at work.  If you can keep up with the book then there's a strong probability that you will meet those aims.

Review of How to Be An Explorer; An Outdoor Activity Book

How to be an Explorer is a great new publication by Button Books which aims to give youngsters the skills and know-how to get out and about.  

The book has many skills that I remember being taught as a guide from what to take in your backpack, to how to start a fire safely to boiling water in bamboo, to making a tree nest.
How to be an Explorer Outdoor activity Book
RRP £16.99 For kids aged 7 – 11 • ISBN 9781787081178
The book is filled with activities and know-how and there is something for every child to really get into.