How To Make Dragon Eggs For Easter

I have marvelled at all the dragon eggs I've seen over on Pinterest for ages, and every now and then I think "I must give these a go"
How to make dragon eggs

Decorating plain mugs

I've seen around the internet recently various art using Sharpies and crockery, so I figure this would be a really good way of having my cup stand out from the rest at work.

How to Make a Lego Heart for Valentines

When we have a poor boy one of the best ways to take his mind off being ill is to get the Lego out.   The best type of Lego days is when we find something (usually on Pinterest) with no instructions and try to rebuild it. 

I'm a bit of a craft person so of course, I LIVE on Pinterest and imagine my utter surprise and 'OMG why didn't I think to look for these before' moment when this popped up:

Hybrid Duvet from Simba is the way forward

We are in the process of changing up my son's room to a more teenage area to chill since he started high school last autumn.

Over the Christmas period, tough decisions had been made as to what we would donate, what we sell and what would live in the loft!  Now we just need to wait for car boot season!

With the room culled and our wonderful M shelving moved to the dining room, the remaining furniture rearranged to make way for a desk, it just leaves his bed to sort out!

Simba Hybrid Duvet case

Which Encyclopedia books are best for children

Factology books for children.  Hardback, fun, easy to read and brightly coloured books for children to want to pick and learn from.

This brand new Factology book series has just added a further three books to the existing four.

Factology Books Romans, Dinosaurs and AI Robots

September 2023 / HB / RRP £12.99 / For kids aged 8 - 12

How I made Heart Shaped Bird feeders for Valentines

What better way to show some love for nature on Valentine's day than with heart-shaped bird feeders.
How I made heart shaped bird feeders for Valentine's Day