Where to donate the contents of a home when someone dies.

At the beginning of the year, my father-in-law passed away and my partner was tasked with the emotional job of sorting and clearing the house.

This is an emotional ordeal for anyone to go through, the contents of the home are not just contents!  It is memories, it is reminders, it is home!  We are still working through this but I hope, by writing this post, it will help others who are struggling and give you some ideas on how to make those personal possessions, medical equipment and home contents live on or be donated rather than calling in a house clearance company.

Old Clock leaving behind memories

Gamebook: Your adventures at CERN - Fun way to learn Science

Your adventure at CERN is no ordinary story, it is no ordinary adventure book, it is a game book with adventure and a fun way to learn science!  

Learning through play is an amazing way to teach children and Letizia Diamante captures this perfectly.
Cover Image of Your Adventure at CERN

Changing up your decor to match the seasons

Changing up a B&Q wicker heart to match Valentines Home Decor
Adding a little colour to a wicker heart
My local B&Q store has some pretty wicker hearts for under £1, and every time I go in the store I want one, but the colouring doesn't fit with my decor so I always leave without one, until now!