Gang Beast Collectable toys and plushies

Sinco Creations have a host of Gang Beast collectables to suit a variety of budgets, from key rings to plushies to collectable figures and these have become a firm favourite in our house.

Gang Beast Plushies chilling the gaming chair

Geomag Mechanics Challenge - a great way to explore science

I am a firm believer in learning through play, and if a child is having fun while learning science without even realising it, it is a huge step forward in study.  Not everything needs to be at a desk, with strict rules or in a classroom environment.

Geomag are a great brand for exactly that!

Mechanics Challenge Goal

The Mechanics Challenge range is - challenging!  The fun and learning begin as soon as the box is open.

Buying Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes

Who knew that buying Pokemon ETBs (Elite Trainer Boxes), would be so stressful!  For any parent/carer of a child who is heavily into collecting Pokeman Cards, they will know trying to purchase the latest season's trainer box is a sport all in itself! 

Award Winning Portable Water Fountain

I fell in love with Hydria's all-in-one water fountain when I saw them being demonstrated at the recent Blogon event

This fantastic compact fountain is designed to be used indoors or out, is portable and uses innovative technology.

The Tricky Riddles Book For Smart Kids: Book Review

We love riddles in our house, it's something that I grew up on and have now passed down to my son.  It may also explain why we love escape rooms so much.
320 Riddles in The Tricky Riddle Book For Smart Kids

So when I came across DaddiLife promoting their new book "The Tricky Riddle Book for Smart Kids" I knew I had to be a part of it.

How to Track your Electricity Bill

I was told to read my energy meters like it was an obsession at the beginning of the year when it was becoming clear our energy prices would go through the roof!

Gas Meter Reading

I submitted my meter readings via the app on my phone and then called EDF to issue my energy bills monthly.  

My bill is currently sent out every six months and that just causes me a ridiculous amount of anxiety.  I can't go six months not knowing how much my energy bill may be!  So I called EDF, 40 minutes later and after 2 on-screen text chats - I still have my bill twice a year!